Contract Management Software

ShareBrief is the contract management software of choice for leading enterprises around the world. Manage a secure, centralized repository of key contracts, set contract event dates and reminders to pro-actively manage important agreements with customers, suppliers and service providers. Sharing contract management responsibilities with authorized staff via ShareBrief reduces the risk of contractual rights lapsing as a result of key staff turnover.

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Virtual Data Room Software

ShareBrief Virtual Data Rooms enable you to effectively manage transaction due diligence by collating documents in a secure deal site and sharing access with transaction participants to identify and grade key transactional risks.

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MedBrief Medical Negligence Manager™

MedBrief™ is the leading universally accessible software platform for the securely distribution of patient medical records including medical imaging and radiology records for browser-based expert review and analysis in clinical negligence litigation.

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ShareBrief Discovery and Litigation Manager™

ShareBrief Discovery & Litigation Manager helps lawyers focus on higher value litigation processes and strategic decision making by reducing their time spent managing information. ShareBrief collates all case documents and evidence into a secure case site for efficient electronic discovery, document review and instant production of paginated document bundles and indices.

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ShareBrief Records Manager™

ShareBrief Records Manager helps organizations and boards of directors to record, maintain and review evidence of business activities, meetings and resolutions, to comply with legal archiving standards and yo reduce the costs of physical document storage.

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ShareBrief Professional Cloud™

ShareBrief Professional Cloud™ enables leading organizations and professional firms to instantly host legal projects on a secure ShareBrief server without engaging in software or hardware installation. ShareBrief Professional Cloud™ offers professional advisors the full benefits of ShareBrief with the fastest project set up times available in the market today. ShareBrief Professional Cloud™ is licensed on a pay-per-use basis according to storage volumes and authorized users.

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ShareBrief Enterprise Server™

ShareBrief Enterprise Server™ allows organizations to maintain full administrative control over their own ShareBrief server hosting environment, whether at client premises and client nominated data centres. ShareBrief™ Enterprise Server licenses are available on either on a monthly subscription or purchase basis with customers able to receive the full benefit of Infology’s maintenance and support services.

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