Contract Management Software

The increased complexity of business relationships, the demands of good corporate governance and the need to maximize revenues while decreasing operational costs mean that organizations need to maintain a clear view of their contractual relationships in order to effectively manage and leverage key agreements with customers, suppliers and a multitude of service providers.

ShareBrief Contract Manager™ enables leading organizations to:

  • Manage a centralized repository of key contracts
  • Control access to confidential agreements
  • Classify and group contracts by contract types and parties
  • Search for agreements using a variety of index fields and keywords
  • Set important contract event reminders with advance notifications to be emailed to relevant persons
  • Review upcoming contract events to reduce the risk of rights lapsing as a result of key staff turnover
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ShareBrief™ supports intranet, extranet and Internet hosted solutions.

The most appropriate licence for you will depend on the number of required users, contract volumes and where the system is required to be hosted.

For cloud-hosted applications, ShareBrief™ is licensed on a pay-per-use basis according to storage volumes and authorized users.

For client-site hosting, ShareBrief™ is licensed on an enterprise server model either on a monthly subscription or purchase basis.

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