Electronic Discovery and Litigation Management Software

Litigation is often characterized by significant risks and high expenses where the consequences of overlooking critical information or failing to discover the correct information on time can be severe. Large numbers of documents frequently need to be reviewed and considered by internal and external lawyers. Lawyers’ pre-trial preparations are often characterized by intensive document management exercises. E-Discovery software helps reduce the amount of time lawyers need to spend managing information so that they can focus on higher value litigation strategies and decision making.

ShareBrief Discovery and Litigation Manager™ enables lawyers to:

  • Collate case documents and evidence, including emails and scanned files, within a dedicated case site
  • Share access to case sites with external counsel
  • Run detailed content searches
  • Review, classify and organize documents
  • Quickly produce document schedules and indices
  • Electronically paginate documents and bundles
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MedBrief Medical Negligence Manager™ enables:

  • Secure distribution of patient medical records
  • Browser based presentation of patient records with associated radiology for expert review and analysis in clinical negligence litigation
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ShareBrief™ supports intranet, extranet and Internet hosted solutions.

The most appropriate licence for you will depend on the number of required users, contract volumes and where the system is required to be hosted.

For cloud-hosted applications, ShareBrief™ is licensed on a pay-per-use basis according to storage volumes and authorized users.

For client-site hosting, ShareBrief™ is licensed on an enterprise server model either on a monthly subscription or purchase basis.

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