Records Management

To succeed in the information age an increasing amount of attention needs to be paid to information asset management. However, even in leading institutions, information is often one of the most neglected of asset classes with information management frequently characterized by ad-hoc, individualized and chaotic processes. The demands of good corporate governance and the increasingly competitive and complex business environment means that business are under pressure to increase revenues and decrease costs by effectively managing and productively exploiting their information assets.

ShareBrief Records Manager™ enables leading organizations to:

  • Maintain and review records of business activities, meetings and resolutions
  • Comply with legal document retention and archiving standards
  • Implement and manage records retention and destruction programs
  • Reduce costs of physical document warehouses and archiving
  • Seamlessly reinstate archived material

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ShareBrief™ supports intranet, extranet and Internet hosted solutions.

The most appropriate licence for you will depend on the number of required users, contract volumes and where the system is required to be hosted.

For cloud-hosted applications, ShareBrief™ is licensed on a pay-per-use basis according to storage volumes and authorized users.

For client-site hosting, ShareBrief™ is licensed on an enterprise server model either on a monthly subscription or purchase basis.

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